Frequently asked questions

  • 11.What are the scope of agriculture?

    As India is a land of Agriculture there is ample scope in a career for students graduates from agriculture in Government as well as private bodies such as Banks, pesticide, seed companies, fertilizer companies, aquatic farming, organic farming, Precision farming, Integrated and group farming companies, advanced agro tech companies, many civil service etc. An agriculture graduate can pursue higher studies too and enroll himself in Postgraduate and Research program.

  • 19.what is RAWE Program?

    RAWE program is the Rural Agriculture Work Experience Program. It is mandatory in the 7th semester. A group of 10 - 15 students are placed in a village to get real farming experience in the farmer’s field. To understand the difficulties faced by the farmers and finding solutions to those problems. They arrange and conduct farmers group seminars with the help of expert faculties of the college. Transfer of technology from lab to land.

  • 21.Is Internship is compulsory?

    Yes,internship is a compulsory program.The students are placed in the Companies or various organizations for gaining knowledge and improving their skills. To acquire new technology and experiences the corporate culture.

  • 22.Do we have Hands on Training?

    Yes, we have mandatory hands on training (HoT) courses in the 8th semester. There are 13 modules, any 2 modules should be completed by each student.

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